Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2018

ISBN 978-1-944684-50-1
This 4-page laminated guide for the newer, cloud-based interface of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC shows step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for Lightroom's powerful photo cataloging and editing features, including importing, photo collection management, keyword management, light and color adjustments, spot removal and general cleanup, and much more. Covers BOTH Windows & Mac versions of Lightroom. See topics below.

There are two versions of Lightroom available now. Do you need a guide for Lightroom Classic CC instead? Here's our guide for that.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2018 Guide Topics include:

Cataloging Photos: Importing Photos from a Camera or Memory Card; Importing Photos from a Folder; Migrating a Catalog from Lightroom Classic; Viewing All Photos; Viewing Recently Imported Photos; Viewing Photos by Date; Keeping a Local Copy of Photos; Using Grid Views - Resizing Thumbnails, Changing Sort Order; Using Detail View - Filmstrip, Zoom; Rotating a Photo; Deleting a Photo; Using Keywords; Using Albums - Working with Albums and Folders; Changing a Photo's Metadata; Flagging Photos as Picked or Rejected; Setting a Star Rating for Photos; Searching for Photos; Filtering Photos; Stacking Photos.

Editing Photos: Using Auto Settings; Changing Light and Color Settings; Undoing Changes Made in the Edit Panels; Using Editing Presents; Using Profiles; Copying and Pasting Edit Settings; Changing Sharpness and Reducing Noise; Cropping a Photo; Straightening a Photo; Flipping (Mirroring) a Photo; Removing Spots, Lines, etc.; Painting Changes on a Photo; Applying Changes as a Gradient; Viewing the Original Photo After Edits; Using Split Toning on Highlights and Shadows; Editing in Adobe Photoshop.

Exporting and Printing Photos: Exporting the Photo(s) to a Drive; Printing the Photo(s).

Also includes a list of Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts.

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