Excel 2011 for Mac Charts & Tables Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-936220-51-9
Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for Charts (graphs) and Tables (Lists), and PivotTables features of Microsoft Excel 2011 for the Mac. This card is suitable as an accompaniment for Intermediate level Excel training. See topics below.

The following topics are covered:

Excel Charts -
Creating a Chart, Charting Non-Adjacent Data, Deleting a Chart, Resizing a Chart Object, Moving a Chart Object in the Worksheet, Changing Chart Type, General Editing of Chart Objects, Adjusting Axis Scale, Creating a Chart with Two Scales, Adding Explanatory Text; Adding, Removing, Moving a Legend; Adding a Data Series, Exploding a Piece of a Pie Chart, Adding Data Labels, Creating a Chart Sheet Using the Default Chart Type, Switching a Chart Object to a Chart Sheet, Adding Projection to a Data Series.

Excel Tables -
Creating an Excel Table, Adding a New Row or Column, Deleting a Table Row or Column, Turning On/Off the Total Row, Changing the Total Row, Convert a Table to a Normal Range; Using a Normal Range for Sorting, Filtering, and Subtotals; Removing Duplicates, Structured References in Excel Tables, Basic Sorting, Complex Sorting, Filtering and Advanced Filtering, Show/Hide Autofilter, Filtering with Autofilter, Searching for Filter Criteria in Autofilter, Advanced Filtering: Criteria for Advanced Filters, Using Advanced Filters/Copying Filtered Data to Another Range, Selecting/Ordering Columns. Clearing Filtering, Subtotals.

Excel PivotTables -
Creating a PivotTable Report, Adding/Removing a PivotTable Field, Show/hide the PivotTable Builder, Refreshing a PivotTable, Rearranging a PivotTable, Changing the Summary Function, Changing How Values are Shown, Sorting in a PivotTable.

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