Outlook on the Web for Office 365 Quick Reference

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Outlook on the Web for Office 365. Do you need a guide for the other Office Web apps? See Office Online Essentials. This guide was updated in May 2018. The following topics are covered:

Mail: Displaying the Inbox, Creating and Sending a Message, Attaching a File to a Message, Showing BCC, Sending a Message with High or Low Importance, Requesting a Read or Delivery Receipts, Checking Spelling, Show/Hide the Reading Pane, Grouping Messages by Conversation, Ignoring a Conversation, Reading Messages, Opening/Saving Attachments, Replying to a Message, Forwarding a Message, Saving a Draft, Creating a Folder, Moving or Copying Messages, Opening Another User's Mailbox, Creating an E-Mail Signature, Opening Another User's Mailbox, Turning on/off Automatic Replies when Out of the Office.

Chat: Starting a Chat, Changing Your Chat Status, Signing Out of Instant Messaging

People: Displaying People, Creating and Editing Contacts, Finding a Contact, Linking/Unlinking Contacts, Creating a Contact List, Sending a Mail Message to a Contact or Contact List.

Tasks: Displaying Tasks, Changing Tasks Viewed, Creating a Task, Marking a Task or Flagged Item Complete.

Calendar:Displaying the Calendar, Viewing the Calendar, Creating & Editing Appointments, Scheduling Meetings, Responding to Meeting Requests, Making an Appointment Repeat.

Common Procedures: Using Flags, Sorting Tasks/Contacts/Email, Deleting an Item, Undeleting an Item, Using Categories, Logging Off. Also includes a list of keyboard shortcuts.

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