Mac OS X El Capitan Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-939791-68-9

4-page laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Mac OS X El Capitan. The following topics are covered:

Starting an App (a Program); Organizing Launchpad; Using the Secondary/Right Click; Connecting to a Wi-Fi Network; Opening Files & Folders; Working with Windows; Adding a Printer; Using Stacks (Folder Shortcuts in the Dock); Finding the Cursor; Adding a Printer.

Accessing Recently Used Files, Apps, or Servers; Switching Between Running Apps or Windows; Viewing Two Windows at the Same Time; Quitting an App; Quitting a Frozen App; Adding an App to the Dock; Moving the Dock; Hiding the Dock; Hiding the Menu Bar; Showing the Date in the Menu Bar; Showing Battery Percentage.

Searching with Spotlight; Using Dictation; Using Text to Speech; Setting Text Shortcuts; Using Automatic Spelling Correction; Using the Dictionary; Using Notifications; Using Special Characters.

Using Multiple Displays; Using Spaces (Virtual Desktops).

Using the File System: Changing Views; Renaming Files or Folders; Sorting Files and Folders; Previewing Files Using Quicklook; Creating a Folder; Selecting Multiple Items; Moving or Copying Files or Folders; Using Tabs in Finder; Quickly Sharing Files or Folders; Compressing Files or Folders; Tagging Files or Folders; Deleting Files or Folders; Copying the Pathname for Files/Folders; Adding/Removing Shortcuts in the Finder Window Sidebar; Using Fast User Switching; Ejecting Drives, Discs, or Servers; Finding Keyboard Shortcuts for Menu Items.

Using the System Preferences; Changing Login Password; Adding Internet Accounts; Unlocking Settings; Managing Extensions; Changing iCloud Settings; Setting a Message on the Lock Screen.

Converting a File to a PDF; Taking Screenshots.

Installing New Apps: Finding and Installing Apps in the App Store; Updating OS X & Purchased Apps; Other App Sources.

Ending Your Computer Session.

Includes a List of Keyboard Shortcuts, Trackpad Gestures, and links to blog posts for more detailed subjects.

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