Pages, Keynote, Numbers Essentials Quick Reference (ver x.2)

ISBN 978-1-939791-19-1

Laminated quick reference card for the Mac iWork suite showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use basic features that are common to Pages 5.2, Keynote 6.2 & Numbers 3.2 for Mac. 

Use this guide if you are using Mac OS X Mavericks (version 10.9) or earlier.

Great companion guide to Pages, Keynote & Numbers Introduction guides. See topics below.

The following topics are covered:

Creating a New Document: Opening an Existing Document; Saving a Document; Duplicating a Document; Reverting to an Earlier Version; Opening a Microsoft Office Document; Exporting to Microsoft Office, PDF or Other Formats; Viewing On-Screen Tips; Renaming, Moving, or Tagging a Document; Using iCloud, Collaborating via iCloud; Working in Full-Screen Mode; Adjusting the Zoom.

Formatting: Using Cut, Copy, Paste to Move or Copy Text or Objects; Moving or Copying by Dragging; Undoing an Action. Using the Special Character Panel; Using the Format Inspector; Changing the Size or Font of Text; Enhancing Text: Bold, Italic, etc.; Copying Formatting; Inserting a Table; Add/Remove Table Rows or Columns. Using Find and Replace; Inserting Images, Music, or Videos: Using the Media Browser, Inserting from Finder; Resizing Graphics; Inserting Shapes; Resizing a Shape; Adding Text to a Shape. Moving an Object; Selecting Multiple Objects.

Other: Adding Comments; Using the Dictionary and Thesaurus; Using Dictation; Using Text to Speech; Customizing the Toolbar; Sending the Document as an Email Attachment; Printing the Document.

Also includes: Lists of Selection and Movement Shortcuts.

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