What's New in Office 2013 Quick Reference (from 2003)

ISBN 978-1-936220-74-8
6-page laminated quick reference guide showing instructions for the Microsoft Office 2013 new and changed features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for users upgrading from Office 2003. Also includes a command reference for each product, showing changed Office 2003 commands and their Office 2013 equivalents. See topics below.

What's New in Office 2013 Quick Reference Guide Topics include:

Office 2013: The Start Screen; The Ribbon; Quick Access Toolbar; Changing the Look of Office; Using Touch in Office 2013; Changes to Templates; Backstage View (The File Menu); Opening and Saving; Saving as PDF; New File Formats; Working with Previous File Versions; Integrating with Online Services:Ê Switching Online Accounts, Adding a Service such as Flickr, YouTube, OneDrive, Office 365 SharePoint; Inviting People to Collaborate; Formatting Text with the Mini Toolbar; Pasting with Live Preview; Using Themes to Format a Document; SmartArt; Shape Styles; New or Changed Picture Features; Using On-Object Chart Tools; Marking as Final; Presenting Online; Showing Macro and Form Controls; Using Apps for Office; Other New or Changed Features; Features No Longer Available.

Word 2013: Tracking Changes; Switching Between Simple Markup and All Markup; Locking Track Changes On; Expanding Collapsed Comments; Marking Comments as Done; Resuming Reading; Read Mode; Collapsing/Expanding Parts of a Document in Print Layout View; Opening and Editing a PDF; Using Alignment Guides; Text Wrapping with the Layout Options Tool; Quickly Inserting Rows/Columns Within a Table; Using the Border Painter; Copying Border Style (Border Sampler); Repeating Section Form Control; Other New or Changed Features.

PowerPoint 2013: Creating New Shapes (Merge Shapes); Zoom and Pan While Presenting; Jumping to a Slide; Widescreen; Applying Design Theme Variants; Changes to Guides; Using Eyedropper to Match Colors; Using Smart Guides; Paying Audio for Several Slides; Other New or Changed Features; Features No Longer Available.

Excel 2013: Excel Windows; Using Flash Fill; Using Chart Recommendations; 3-D Pyramid and Cone Chart Types; Combining Chart Types; Changes to Chart Data Labels; New Data Label Formatting; Using Quick Analysis; Filtering Tables with Slicers; Using PivotTable Recommendations; PivotTable and PivotChart Changes: Adding and Using a Timeline, Creating a PivotChart with or without a Table, Using a PivotTable to Analyze Multiple Data Sources; Advanced Data Analysis: Creating a Power View Sheet, Adding a Visualization to Power View; New Functions; Other New or Changed Features; Features No Longer Available.

Beezix's Quick Reference Guide includes command references for each product showing changed Office 2003 commands and their 2013 equivalent.

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