Word 2007 Mail Merge & Forms Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-934433-58-4
Laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use mail merge and forms features in Microsoft Office Word 2007.  Need version 2010

This guide is also available in French. The following topics are covered:

Mail Merge: Choosing the Document Type; Recipient Lists - Creating a Recipient List in Word, Selecting an Existing Recipient List, Editing an Existing Recipient List, Selecting and Sorting Recipients; Writing the Document; Creating a Label Document; Using Rules; Previewing the Merge; Merging; The Mail Merge Wizard; Highlighting Merge Fields.

Forms: Showing the Developer Tab; Preparing the Form; Inserting Content Controls (Text Fields, Drop Down Lists, Date Pickers etc. ), Setting Content Control Properties - Add a Title, Format Contents Using a Style, Self Destruct Text, Options for Plain Text, Combo Boxes, DatePicker, Building Block Gallery; Design Mode; Changing Placeholder Text; Protecting a Form from Changes; Protecting Only Parts of a Form- Preventing Editing of a Control's Content, Preventing Deletions; Accessing the Form to Fill it Out; Changing the Form Template; Legacy Form Fields; Saving and Printing Data Only for Legacy Form Fields.

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