Keynote 6.5 for Mac Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-939791-39-9
Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions for how to use Keynote 6.5 for Mac. This guide for Apple's presentation software will give concise instructions, tips, and shortcuts to create presentations.

Note: This version works on both Mac OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. If you are using Mavericks or earlier, then get this guide instead: Keynote for Mac 6.2 Introduction

Recommended companion title covering iWork basics: Pages, Keynote, Numbers Essentials (ver x.5).

The following topics are covered:

Creating Slides: Using the Navigator; Adding a New Slide; Changing a Slide's Layout; Deleting a Slide; Changing Slide; Dimensions; Showing Rulers; Changing the Slideshow Theme; Entering Text into a Placeholder; Adding Other Text on the Slide; Using the Format Inspector to Change Font, Size, Bold, Italic, etc.; Changing Text Color; Changing Paragraph Alignment; Changing Line Spacing; Changing Paragraph Spacing; Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists; Changing Capitalization; Deleting an Element on a Slide; Viewing Many Slides at Once; Rearranging Slides; Using the Outline View; Changing Background Color of a Slide; Changing the Master Slide; Creating a Chart; Inserting Images, Music or Videos; Inserting Shapes; Working with Shapes and Other Objects; Arranging Stacking Order of Objects; Grouping Objects; Assigning Transition Effects and Timings for a Slideshow; Animating an Object; Recording a Voiceover for a Presentation; Playing Audio Across Slide.

Running a Slideshow: Skipping a Slide; Automating a Presentation; Creating Presenter Notes; Printing Handouts, Outlines or Slides.

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