PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-944684-80-8

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 (Windows version). This guide last checked for accuracy September 2022.
Recommended companion title covering Office basics: Microsoft 365 Essentials

The following topics are covered:

Adding a New Slide; Changing a Slide's Layout; Switching Between Standard and Widescreen Format; Custom Slide Size and Orientation; Entering Text; Starting a Line without a Bullet; Moving Between Text Areas with the Keyboard; Adding Other Text on the Slide; Changing Level of Indention; Text Formatting; Using Presentation Views: Normal View, Outline View, Slide Sorter View.

Applying Design Themes; Changing Background of a Slide; Adding a Header or Footer; Creating Speaker Notes.

Using the Slide Master; Suppressing Slide Master Objects.

Adding Pictures, Clip Art and Online Images; Creating a Chart; Creating an Org Chart, Adding and Deleting Org Chart Boxes; Drawing Shapes; Resizing a Shape or Picture; Rotating Objects; Moving a Shape; Adding Text to Shapes; Selecting Shapes; Changing Color, Fill Pattern, or Line Style of a Shape or Line; Using Eyedropper to Match Colors; Duplicating Shapes; Animating an Object.

Running a Slide Show; Assigning Transition Effects and Timings for a Slide Show; Changing Slide Show Settings; Printing.

Also includes a list of Touch Actions, Text Selection, Movement and Slide Show Shortcuts.

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