Teams Essentials for Microsoft 365

ISBN 978-1-944684-88-4
Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions for the Teams features of Microsoft 365. The Teams app covered in this comprehensive guide provides a unique approach to creating and managing the collaborative team activities of sharing communications and files. Teams focuses on chat as its basic communication mode. Updated Sept 2022. The following topics are covered:

Overview & Starting Microsoft Teams
Choosing a Team
Choosing a Channel
Finding a Team or Channel
Team and Channel List
Adjusting your Presence

Reading a Team Conversation, Replying to a Post, Reacting to a Post, Reading a Post Later, Starting a Public Conversation, Editing or Deleting a Post

Starting an Instant Meeting, Joining a Meeting, Scheduling a Future Meeting, Participating in a Meeting, Managing Participant Roles, Interacting with Participants, Delivering a PowerPoint

Starting a Private Chat
Making a Video or an Audio Call
Retrieving Voice Mail
Working with Teams Files, Attaching a Chat File, Adding a Channel File
Modifying a Team
Adding and Managing Team Channels, Adding a Team Channel, Adding a Team Channel Service, Sending Emails to a Team Channel, Finding Team Channels, Renaming a Team Channel

Using Mentions
Search Bar Commands & Shortcuts
Searching for New Activity

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