Office for Ipad Essentials

ISBN 978-1-944684-35-8
4-pg quick reference guide for Microsoft Office for iPad in a compact, iPad-friendly format (8.5" x 5.5") showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use features that are common to the Word, Excel & PowerPoint iPad apps. Great companion product to Word, Excel & PowerPoint for iPad Introduction guides. 

This guide was updated in June 2019.

Topics include:

Getting Started: Using the Document Browser: Creating a New Document; Opening an Existing Document; Using the Recent Tab; Saving a Document; Opening a Document from Mail; Moving a Document to the Cloud; Duplicating a Document; Viewing a Document's Properties; Deleting a Document; Reverting to the Last Opened Version; Hiding the Ribbon; Selecting; Cut, Copy, Paste; Undo/Redo an Action; Changing Text Font and Size; Inserting an Image; Adding Effects to an Image; Inserting a Text Box; Inserting a Shape; Deleting an Image, Shape, Text Box; Changing the Appearance of a Shape or Text Box; Moving an Image, Shape or Text Box; Resizing an Image, Shape or Text Box; Rotating and Flipping a Shape; Reordering Objects; Using the Drawing Tools.

Inserting a Table: Adding Rows or Columns to a Table; Deleting Table Rows or Columns; Setting a Table Style.

Navigating a Document: Searching the Document; Find and Replace Text; Using the Onscreen Keyboard: Using Special Characters, Setting Caps Lock, Undocking or Splitting the Keyboard, Using Voice to Text Dictation; Sharing a Document; Printing Documents; Working in Landscape or Portrait Orientation.

Also includes a list of shortcuts.

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