Outlook 2010 Mail Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-936220-16-8
Laminated Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 quick reference showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use mail features. This Outlook 2010 quick card also available in French. See also the related guide: Outlook 2010 Calendar Contacts Tasks. Topics include:

Displaying Mail Folders; Navigation Pane; To-Do Bar; Creating and Sending a Message; Attaching a File to a Message; Showing BCC; Sending a Message with High or Low Importance; Requesting a Read or Delivery Receipt; Drafting a Message; Delaying the Delivery of a Message; Restricting Forwarding, Printing or Copying.

Reading Messages, Using the People Pane, Manual Send/Receive, Using the Outbox, Using Desktop Alerts.

Deleting Messages, Emptying the Deleted Items Folder, Saving an Attachment, Removing an Attachment, Replying, Forwarding, Printing a Message.

Sorting Messages, Grouping Messages by Conversation, Ignoring a Conversation, Cleaning up Redundant Messages, Turning Grouping On/Off, Creating an E-Mail Signature, Manually Inserting Signatures, Creating a Distribution List.

Using Task Flags, Creating Folders, Adding/Removing Favorite Folders, Moving or Copying Messages, Using Quick Steps, Finding Mail Messages, Creating a Contact from a Message, Using the Rules Wizard, Using the Out of Office Assistant, Handling Junk Mail.

Beezix's Quick Reference Card also includes a list of Keyboard and Selection Shortcuts.

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