Excel 2019 Charts & Sparklines Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-944684-75-4
Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use charts/graphs and Sparklines features of Microsoft Excel 2019. The following topics are covered:

Charts: Inserting a Chart; Inserting a Recommended Chart; Understanding Chart Types (incl. Treemap and Sunburst); Charting Non-Adjacent Data; Quick Chart Using the Default Chart Type; Using Chart Buttons; Resizing a Chart in the Worksheet; Selecting Parts of a Chart; Changing Chart Type; Adding/Removing a Data Series;  Adding an Axis Title; Moving a Title; Adding a Chart Title; Switching Rows and Columns; Using Tables as a Data Source; Adjusting Numeric Scale; Creating a Chart with Two Scales; Adjusting the Legend; Using Gridlines; Adding Explanatory Text; Adding Visuals; Adding and Formatting Data Labels; Exploding a Piece of a Pie Chart; Using Styles and Layouts; Moving the Chart to Another Worksheet; Adding a Projection or Trendline to a Data Series; Removing Trendlines; Handling Hidden and Empty Cells in a Chart; Setting the Default Chart Type; Creating a Custom Chart Template; Applying a Custom Chart Type.

Sparklines: Creating a Sparkline; Grouping Sparklines; Changing Sparkline Type; Removing Sparklines; Customizing Sparklines (Adding Text, Highlighting Values/Markers); Changing Marker Color; Changing Sparklines Color and Weight; Customizing Axis Settings; Handling Hidden and Empty Cells in Sparklines.

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