Microsoft 365 Collaboration

ISBN 978-1-939791-04-7
This 4-page laminated guide to Collaboration in Microsoft 365 shows step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use teamwork features in Word, Excel & PowerPoint using OneDrive, SharePoint, Planner & Delve. See topics below.

This guide was last updated in March 2022.

Office 365 Collaboration Quick Reference Guide Topics include: Offline Collaboration: Tracking Changes in Word: Turning Track Changes On/Off; Show/Hide the Reviewing Pane; Accepting/Rejecting Changes; Changing What is Shown. Tracking Changes in Excel: Show/Hide Change History; Accepting/Rejecting Changes. Inserting & Deleting Comments; Comparing Two Documents in Word; Combining Word Documents; Comparing Two Documents in PowerPoint; Comparing Documents Side by Side; Removing Personal or Hidden Information from a Document. Protecting Documents: Restricting Editing In Word; Selective Protection in Word; Selective Protection in Excel. Online Collaboration: Basic Coediting Steps; Sharing Documents from Desktop Office (Email Link or Embed); Sharing Documents from OneDrive for Business (Email Link or Embed); Sharing Documents from SharePoint (Email Link, Embed, Checking Out/In); Stop or Change Sharing from Desktop Office, OneDrive or SharePoint. Organizing Collaboration Settings: Managing an Online Collaboration Session; Resolving Collaboration Conflicts; Collaboration with Office 365 Groups: Adding a Group; Deleting a Group; Sharing a Group File; Scheduling a Group Meeting; Checking for Group Meetings. Collaborating with SharePoint Teams: Adding a Team Site; Deleting a Team Site. Communicating with Collaborators: Starting a Skype for Business Chat; Starting a Microsoft Teams Chat; Sharing Information with a SharePoint Team; Starting a Yammer Broadcast; Starting a Group Email Conversation. Tracking Office 365 Collaboration: Using Office 365 Planner (Adding and Managing Tasks and Plans). Using OneDrive for Business Discover; Using Office 365 Delve: Searching for People, Documents, Boards; Using Delve Profiles to Explore Team Activity; Managing Content Cards and Boards; Adding to Delve Favorites; Creating a Board and Adding Content to It; Sharing a Delve Board; Deleting Content from a Board; Sharing Delve Content.

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