Word for Microsoft 365 Intermediate Quick Reference: Paragraphs, Tabs, Columns, Tables, Pictures

ISBN 978-1-944684-82-2

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Paragraphs, Tabs, Indents, Columns, Tables & Pictures features of Microsoft Word for Microsoft 365. Last checked for accuracy Sept 2022. The following topics are covered:

Displaying the Ruler

Displaying Paragraph Marks, Tabs, etc.

Paragraphs: Paragraph Breaks vs. Line Breaks; Changing Paragraph and Line Spacing; Clearing Formatting; The Indent Markers; Changing Indents; Formatting Paragraphs Using the Style Gallery.

Setting Tabs: Moving, Removing Tabs; Clearing Tab Settings; Setting Tabs with Leaders;Using Format Painter to Fix Tabs.

Dividing Text into Columns; Adding a Line Between Columns.

When to Use Tabs, Tables or Columns

Sorting Paragraphs, Tabbed Columns, or Tables

Working with Tables: Inserting a Blank Table; Moving a Table; Inserting Rows and Columns in a Table; Adding a Row at the End of a Table; Deleting Cells, Rows, Columns, or the Entire Table; Changing Column Widths; Changing Row Height; Evenly Resizing Rows/Columns; Repeating Header Rows on Every Page; Merging and Splitting Table Cells; Centering a Table within the Margins; Changing Text Direction; Wrapping Text around Tables.

Adding Paragraph/Cell Borders and Shading: Using the Border Painter; Copying Border Style (Border Sampler).

Quickly Formatting a Table

Inserting an Excel Table

Adding Pictures, Shapes, and SmartArt: In Line with Text vs. Text Wrapping; Using an Object's Anchor; Quickly Positioning Objects on a Page.

Also includes: Lists of Shortcuts for Selecting Parts of Table, Navigating and Modifying a Table, and Formatting Shortcuts.

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