Access 2019 Introduction Quick Reference

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ISBN 978-1-944684-69-3
Laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Access 2019. See topics below.

See also our related guide: Access 2019 Intermediate.

The following topics are covered:

Working with Database Files, Defining Access Objects.

Creating a Table, Entering/Editing Table Data: Adding a Record, Editing Fields and Records, Undoing Changes, Deleting Records.

Sorting/Searching Table Data: Quickly Sorting a Table, Searching for a Record.

Table Design: Primary Keys and Links, Using Design View to Modify a Table.

Creating/Modifying a Query, Query Grid Criteria Examples.

Creating Forms with a Wizard, Creating and Modifying Forms Manually.

Creating Reports with a Wizard, Creating and Modifying Reports Manually, Printing a Report.

Backing Up and Compacting Database Files, Customizing Access.

Also includes lists of Movement and Data Entry Shortcuts and Smart Database Design Tips.

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