Excel 2010 Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-936220-13-7
Laminated quick reference showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Office Excel 2010. See topics below.

This guide is also available in French.

The following topics are covered:

Creating Workbooks, Entering and Editing Data, Undo and Redo, Resizing Column Width and Row Height, Inserting and Deleting Rows Columns and Cells, Clearing Cells, Clearing Formatting, Formatting Numbers and Cells, Aligning and Merging Cell Contents, Borders and Grids, Viewing the Worksheet as it will Print, Entering Dates, Entering Sequences.

Entering Formulas & Functions, Entering a SUM Function Quickly, Absolute vs. Relative Cell References.

Copying and Moving Data: Copying to Adjacent Cells; Cut, Copy, Paste; Drag & Drop.

Sheet Features: Renaming, Moving, Copying, Selecting, Inserting, Deleting Sheets. Editing Multiple Worksheets Simultaneously, Copying Data and Formatting to Multiple Worksheets.

Previewing, Printing and Page Setup, Printing a Specific Area, Using Page Break Preview to Adjust Page Breaks, Repeating Rows/Columns on Every Page.

Working with Previous Versions (Compatibility Mode).

Also includes a list of Selection and Movement Shortcuts.

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