Excel 2016 for Mac Charts, Tables, PivotTables Quick Ref

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ISBN 978-1-939791-65-8
Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for charts (graphs), sparklines, tables and PivotTables features of Microsoft Excel 2016 for Mac. See topics below.

The following topics are covered:

Charts: Creating a Chart; Charting Non-Adjacent Data; Deleting a Chart; Resizing a Chart Object; Changing Chart Type; Changing Specific Chart Features; Adjusting Axis Scale; Adding Explanatory Text; Adding a Legend; Adding a Data Series; Adding Data Labels; Chart Object vs Chart Sheet; Adding a Projection to a Data Series.

Sparklines: Creating a Sparkline; Grouping Sparklines; Changing Sparkline Type; Removing Sparklines; Hidden and Empty Cells in Sparklines.

Excel Tables: Creating an Excel Table; Adding a New Row or Column; Deleting a Table Row or Column; Turning On/Off or Changing the Total Row; Removing Duplicates; Structured References in Excel Tables; Convert a Table to a Normal Range; Using a List in a Normal Range; Sorting: Simple and Complex.

Filtering and Advanced Filtering: Show/Hide AutoFilter; Filtering with AutoFilter; Setting Criteria for Advanced Filters; Using Advanced Filters/Copying Filtered Data to Another Range; Selecting/Ordering Columns; Clearing Filtering; Creating Subtotals in a List.

PivotTables: Creating a PivotTable; Adding/Removing a PivotTable Field; Show/Hide the PivotTable Builder; Refreshing a PivotTable; Rearranging a PivotTable; Changing the Summary Function; Changing How Values are Shown; Sorting in a PivotTable.

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