Pages for Mac (ver. 5.5 or 5.6) Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-939791-38-2

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions for how to use Pages for Mac (ver. 5.5 or 5.6).

Recommended companion title covering iWork basics: Pages, Keynote, Numbers Essentials (ver x.5) or Pages, Keynote, Numbers Essentials (ver x.6).

The following topics are covered:
Setting Up the Page; Showing a Horizontal Ruler; Basic Text Editing; Inserting the Date and Time; Changing Capitalization; Using the Format Inspector to Change Font, Size, Bold, Italic, etc.; Changing Paragraph Alignment; Displaying Formatting Symbols (Tabs, Spaces, Paragraph Marks); Setting Indents; Setting Tabs; Creating Bulleted or Numbered Lists; Changing Line Spacing; Changing Paragraph Spacing; Showing Page Thumbnails; Checking Spelling and Grammar; Using an Envelope Template; Showing Word Count; Creating a Chart; Changing Text Color; Setting Borders and Rules; Multiple Columns; Inserting a Column Break; Inserting a Page Break; Creating Headers or Footers; Using Paragraph Styles; Using Character Styles; Assigning Shortcuts for Styles; Using Text Boxes; Adjusting Text Wrap; Highlighting Text; Tracking Changes.

Also includes: Lists of selection, movement, and deletion shortcuts.

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