Project 2016 Creating a Basic Project Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-944684-06-8
Laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Office Project 2016. See also our related guide: Project 2016 Managing Complexity.

The following topics are covered:

Setting the Project Start Date, Describing a Project, Switching to a Different View, Switching to Unlisted Views.

Entering Task Information in a Sheet, Inserting a Task, Entering or Changing Task Duration, Indenting or Demoting Tasks, "Outdenting" or Promoting Tasks, Hiding Tasks Under a Summary, Displaying Tasks in a Summary, Displaying All Subtasks, Updating Multiple Rows Quickly, Clearing or Deleting Rows, Zooming in a View, Moving or Copying Rows, Copying Data to Adjacent Cells, Using Automatic Scheduling, Sequencing Tasks, Unlinking Tasks.

Changing Gantt Chart Appearance, Viewing the Task Path, Safeguarding Project Files, Reviewing Indicators.

Setting the Calendar, Creating a New Group Calendar.

Entering a Work Resource, Entering a Cost Resource, Entering a Consumable Resource, Booking a Resource to a Task, Using Resource-Driven Scheduling.

Saving the Baseline, Showing Planned vs. Actual in the Gantt Chart, Recording Actual Progress of Tasks, Displaying Project Statistics.

Setting up a Printout, Previewing and Printing, Printing Reports, Transferring Data to Other Project Files.
Also includes a list of Selection and Movement Shortcuts.

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