Publisher 2010 Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-936220-43-4
Laminated quick reference guide showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Microsoft Publisher 2010. The following topics are covered:

Creating a New Publication, Changing Page Size, Creating a Custom Color Scheme, Changing a Publication's Color Scheme, Creating a Custom Font Scheme, Changing a Publication's Font Scheme, Changing a Publication's Template.

Creating New Pages, Moving a Page, Deleting a Page.

Creating a Business Information Set, Edit or Delete a Business Information Set, Switching Business Information Sets, Inserting Business Information, Creating a Logo from Publisher Objects.

Using a Master Page, Suppressing a Master Page, Changing the Page Background.

Adding Page Numbers, Changing Starting Page Number or Page Number Formatting.

Inserting a Text Box, Setting Columns in a Text Box, Adding Shapes, Fitting Text into an Object, Flowing Text From Box to Box, Moving Between Linked Text Boxes, Unlinking Text Boxes, Flowing Text into a Shape.

Fancy Text: WordArt, Dropping the First Capital Letter, Grouping and Ungrouping, Adding Objects from the Design Gallery, Rotating or Flipping an Object, Changing the Object Order, Wrapping Text around an Object.

Inserting a Table, Resizing Table Rows and Columns, Turn On/Off Growing Table to Fit Text.

Adding a Header or Footer, Saving as PDF.

Also includes a list of Movement and other useful Keyboard Shortcuts.

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