Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 2013 Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-939791-33-7
This example-rich 4-page laminated quick reference guide will open the world of Microsoft Office automation in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. You will learn how to modify macros, customize functions and create your own programming. Geared toward the intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office 2013 user.

The following topics are covered:

Getting Started: Showing the Developer Tab; Setting Macro Security; Opening a Code Window; Deleting a Code Window; Saving Code; Project Explorer Names; Code Name Rules; VBA Editor tips; Password Protect Code & Understanding the VBA Language.

Create VBA Subroutines: Useful Code Events; Navigating Code Window Lists: Object List Items and Procedure List Items.

Organizing Code: Variables and Constants for Efficiency; Good Practices with Variables; Sophistication with VBA Functions: Useful VBA Function Categories; Decision Power with IF and SELECT & Eliminate Repeats with FOR and DO.

Other Topics: Reach Out to Users; Troubleshooting & VBA Code Tips.

A wide variety of examples provided for the following: Keyboard Shortcuts; Constructing a Code Statement; Simple Code; Variables; Code Decisions; Eliminating Repeats & Interacting with Users.

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