Word 2010 Mail Merge & Forms Quick Reference

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ISBN 978-1-936220-35-9

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use mail merge and forms features of Microsoft Office Word 2010. The following topics are covered:

Mail Merge: Choosing the Document Type Recipient Lists: Creating a Recipient List in Word, Selecting an Existing Recipient List, Using Outlook Contacts, Editing an Existing Recipient List, Selecting and Sorting Recipients. Writing the Document: Creating a Label Document, Using an If...Then...Else Rule. Previewing the Merge & Merging The Mail Merge Wizard Highlighting Merge Fields

Forms: Showing Macro and Form Controls Creating a Template Library in Windows 7 Creating the Template File Inserting Content Controls Setting Content Control Properties: Add a Title, Format Contents Using a Style, Self Destruct Plain or Rich Text, For Plain Text, For Building Block Gallery, For Combo Box and Drop-Down List, For Date Picker, For Check Box. Turning On/Off Design Mode Changing Placeholder Text Protecting a Form from Changes Unprotecting a Form Protecting Only Parts of a Form: Preventing Editing of a Control's Content, Prevent Editing Parts of a Document, Preventing Deletions. Accessing the Form to Fill it Out Changing the Form Template.

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