Numbers for Mac (ver. 3.6) Introduction Quick Reference

ISBN 978-1-944684-02-0

Laminated quick reference card showing step-by-step instructions and shortcuts for how to use Numbers for Mac version 3.6.

Recommended companion title covering iWork basics: Pages, Keynote, Numbers Essentials (ver x.6).

The Following Topics are Covered:

Entering New Data: Editing the Contents of a Cell; Replacing the Contents of a Cell; Selecting Cells; Resizing Column Width or Row Height; Inserting Rows or Columns; Clearing Cells; Deleting Rows or Columns; Inserting a New Table; Add/Remove Table Rows or Columns; Showing & Editing Table Names; Setting Column/Row Headers; Borders & Fills; Aligning Within Cells; Merging Cells; Toggling Text Wrapping; Formatting Numbers Cells; Changing Text Color; Setting a Color for Alternating Rows.

Formulas and Other Functions: Quick Entry or SUM & Other Functions; Instant Calculations in the Smart Cell View; Absolute vs. Relative Cell References; Moving and Copying Cells; Password Protecting a Spreadsheet; Entering a Sequence; Conditional Highlighting; Inserting a Sheet; Renaming a Sheet; Moving Among the Sheets; Moving or Copying Sheets; Print Previewing & Printing.

Also includes a list of Selection, Movement, and Deletion Shortcuts.

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