How To

Refining Searches in macOS

Updated to include macOS Mojave. Most searches on your Mac can be done quickly and easily by clicking  and typing either the name of or a word contained within the file you need. Sometimes, though, a more refined search is necessary....

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A First Date with Excel: Entering Dates

Excel features a special format for dates. Unfortunately, some people find out about how Excel formats dates only after dates hadn’t been entered properly. Perhaps an invoice gets sent out on December 1 instead of January 12 because the day and month were reversed. Or maybe you can’t sort that data you collected because the dates weren’t entered properly.
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Changing Your System Date Settings

Changing your operating system’s regional settings — whether it’s a PC or Mac — allows you to see and enter dates in a way that is familiar to you. In Excel, for instance, entering dates will be different based on the regional settings.

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